Common Portrait Questions

We have assembled answers to common questions that will help you prepare for your portrait.

Why Pfeiffer Photography?

Quality portraits at affordable prices. Sessions include ownership of digital images which makes reprints (link to "prices" - anchor to reprint section) very affordable.

How should we prepare for our session?

It starts with careful planning! Coordinate your outfits Be yourself! Do not try new hairstyles or make&up Arrive on time Discuss your plan/ideas with us Try to relax Stay positive Bribe the kids & it works!

Clothing / what to wear?

Most important is coordinating what to wear. The portrait should focus on the face or faces. Solid colors, preferably in medium tones, work best. For group portraits it is important to make sure outfits are coordinated. Long sleeve shirts and pants tend to look better than short sleeves and shorts.

Inside or outside session?

We can accommodate either preference. Outside is beautiful, but relies on the weather. If outside, dress casually as it often requires sitting on the ground. For inside, we have a variety of background colors to choose from.

Group or individual portraits?

Both! Divide your session as you like. We recommend portraits of the family, the children together and portraits of each child individually.

Should we bring props?

Sometimes a favorite teddy bear or toy helps to comfort or make a child happy. Maybe it's a family heirloom you want to place in the portrait. Bring it along. We have items to choose from as well.

What color backdrops do you have?

Background colors include; blue, dark brown, light brown, charcoal, light gray, black, white and sand. We will determine the appropriate background color during your session.

What if we have an idea for a portrait?

If you have an idea, share it and we will try to accommodate you.

How many poses do we get?

You have several poses during your session.

What are your session prices?

Information about children, family, high school senior and other sessions are available at session prices

How long does a session last?

Sessions are usually 1 hour which provides us with enough time to give you the individual attention you need and allows you to relax so we can creatively capture your images.

How much are reprints?

Very Affordable! Because you own the digital files, reprint prices are very reasonable.

What advice do you have for photographing small children?

We have a lot of experience photographing small children. Children often react better if there is a positive reward after the session (sometimes called bribery). Avoid trying to photograph them during nap or meal time ‘ they do not do as well when they are tired or hungry.

Digital or Film?

Both are available. Digital offers several advantages over film: you can preview pictures during your session, images can be touched‘up to remove blemishes, there is no developing and therefore less waiting, we can take more pictures which offers you more choices, and you can copy your CD or DVD and distribute or email to friends and relatives.

Color or Black & White?

Both are available. When in doubt, do color! Color images can easily be made into black & white. Color images also allow for special effects of colorized areas in a black & white photograph. Black & white can not be made into color.

Do you offer color enhanced black & white pictures?

Yes, using Photoshop, we are able to color enhance certain areas of a black & white picture. See our wedding gallery

Do you provide touch‘ups/retouching of the photographs?

Yes, we can arrange for retouching.

How much are touch‘ups/retouching?

Rates for retouching vary. Quotes are given on an individual basis.

Is it better to start with the group or individual pictures?

It is best to start with the group while everyone is patient and then work our way to the individual pictures.

How do we make an appointment?

Please contact us to set up an appointment at or call (630)369-1600.

Will you come to our house or location for a session?

Yes, we can come to house of location for a session. There is an extra fee.

Do you photograph families with their pets?

Yes, we generally only photograph families with their pets outside or at their house. While we love pets, we have had problems with animals in the studio.

Location/Directions - how do we get to our session?

Inside Sessions – directions: (link - see URL below)

Inside sessions are at 645 Wellner Road, Naperville, IL (Google Map)

Outside Sessions – directions(link - see URL below)

Outside sessions are usually at Pioneer Park at 1212 S. Washington, Naperville, IL. There is no sign or address at the park. It is located 300 yards north of Hobson on the east side of Washington. There is a gravel parking lot about 20 feet from Washington. (Google Maps)

Reprints/Photo Lab – directions (link - see URL below)

We highly recommend Motophoto for reprints Motophoto is at 1212 Naper Boulevard, Naperville, IL. It is on the north east corner of 75th Street – Naper Boulevard about 5 doors to the left of Dominick's grocery store. (Google Maps)

Do you do weddings?

Yes! Please visit our wedding page

Wedding pricing - how much is wedding photography?

Each wedding is unique and we therefore suggest that you contact us to discuss your wedding so we can determine a price. Please check the reprint prices to see the excellent value we offer. Event Pricing Event prices are determined based on the number of hours, location, and number of pictures. Each event is unique and we therefore suggest that you contact us to discuss your event so we can determine a price. Please check the reprint prices to see the excellent value we offer. Contact Us Please contact us via the web at or call: (630) 369-1600 with any questions or to set up an appointment.