Answers to Common Wedding Photography Questions

This page will help answer many of your wedding photography questions. Please feel free to contact us with your specific questions at or (630) 369–1600.

Why Pfeiffer Photography? A great value! We offer quality wedding photography at affordable prices. We discus your needs and expectations and work hard to capture your wedding in the way that you want. Additionally, you will own the digital files or negatives and proofs, which allows you to save money by ordering your own reprints. As an example, 8x10‘s are $7.19 and 5x7‘s are $2.24. Reprint Prices are very affordable.

Price - what is the price for wedding photography?  Price is calculated based on your wedding needs. We discuss your wedding and calculate a price based on the length of time, location, number of people and several other factors. Please contact us to discuss your wedding or (630) 369-1600.

How much are reprints? Our reprints are very affordable. See our Reprint Prices 5x7 price is $2.24 7 – other photographers range from $7–$25 8x10 price is $7.19 – others photographers range from $20-50 Make sure you check the reprint prices before hiring a wedding photographer. Many people research the basic wedding photography price and fail to consider the price of reprints.

Why are your reprints so affordable? Because the bride and groom will own all rights to the digital files or negatives and can make their own reprints. See our Reprint Prices

Do you take "photojournalistic" photographs?  Yes, we take "photojournalistic" or candid photographs. These images are often among the most cherished images from your wedding. We also recommend many of the traditional "posed" images as well.

What type of wedding pictures do you take?  We discuss your style preferences. The most popular styles are; Photojournalistic: candid non-posed pictures. Traditional: posed pictures of arranged groups smiling at the camera. – we normally do a mix of photojournalistic and traditional photography. See sample wedding pictures in our wedding gallery

What are the common wedding pictures? Our list of wedding pictures will help you determine which pictures are important to you. Who decides which pictures are to be taken? A pre–wedding consultation helps determine which photographs are important to you. Once we know what you want, we capture those images. Please review our list of wedding pictures and bring your list and ideas to your consultation.

Can wedding pictures be posted online? We offer password protected online posting of your wedding pictures so that they may be viewed by out of town friends and relatives.

Do you do big or small weddings? Yes, we do both big and small weddings. We also do limited duration weddings of 2 hours or more.

Can we see sample wedding pictures? Our web site allows you to see some sample wedding portraits, but we invite you to view our wedding albums and discuss your special day.

Is there a fee for a consultation or an estimate? No, we offer a free wedding consultation to discuss your wedding and a free quote based on your needs.

How many photographs will be taken of our wedding day?  The number of pictures varies based on several factors, but the range is 400 to 1,200 images.

Do you offer color enhanced black & white pictures?  Yes, we are able to color enhance certain areas of a black & white picture. See our wedding gallery

Do you do wedding albums?  Yes, we can help you prepare your wedding album.

What types of wedding albums are offered?  We have a wide selection of wedding albums for you to choose from.

Do you use film or digital?  We can use either! Digital offers the best value. Let us know which you prefer.

What are the advantages of digital? Digital offers several advantages over film: you can preview pictures, images can be touched–up, there is less waiting, we can take more pictures which offer you more choices, and you can copy your images to DVD and distribute or email to friends and relatives.

What are the advantages of film? With the current quality of digital cameras, film no longer offers any perceivable advantages.

Can we have black & white photographs? Yes, we can do black & white photography. Black & white pictures are taken in color which enables the pictures to be color, black & white or color enhanced black & white.

How do you make sure we have pictures from our wedding? Your wedding will be photographed with 2 cameras as a back-up procedure to ensure that we have pictures from your wedding. If something were to go wrong with one camera, we have the other.

How long does it take to get our wedding pictures back? About 2 weeks for digital and 3 weeks for film.

How can we view our wedding pictures?  You will receive several DVD‘s or negatives and proofs of your images that can be viewed on a computer. For an extra fee, we can have your pictures printed.

How can we show our wedding pictures to our friends and relatives? You will own digital images or negatives and proofs and therefore can share your pictures with your friends and relatives. If you select online posting, simply direct them to your password protected web site.

Do you provide touch-ups/retouching of the photographs? Yes, we can arrange for retouching.

How much are touch-ups/retouching? Rates for retouching vary. Quotes are given on an individual basis.

Do you bring a backdrop? Yes, we can bring a backdrop to the reception to provide a more professional look.

Are engagement photos included? Yes, engagement photos are part of the wedding photography and are a great way for us to get to know each other. There is no extra charge for engagement photos.

What do you wear when photographing a wedding? We dress professionally in a black suit, collared shirt and a tie.

How long do you keep the pictures from our wedding?  We give you the pictures, digital DVD's or negatives and you own them and can keep them forever.

Can some of our engagement photographs be used in our wedding album? Yes! Many of our clients use engagement portraits in their album as an introduction to the wedding album.

What size pictures/reprints do you offer?  Reprint sizes range from 2x3 inch wallets to 30x36 inch wall prints.

Who do you recommend for reprints? For reprints, we recommend Motophoto in Naperville. You can take the reprints to a photo lab of your choice.

Availability - how do we see if you are available for our wedding date? Please contact us via email: or call (630) 369–1600.

How do we contact Pfeiffer Photography? Please contact us via email: or call (630) 369–1600.